ThermarT (kettles image)

The design and analysis of chemical and metallurgical processes starts with an assessment of process feasibility. THERMART software provides powerful and cost-effective spreadsheet-based tools for the scientist, engineer and student for evaluating the thermodynamic basis of process feasibility.

The principles for doing this are covered in detail in a recently-published Handbook, and summarized in a Basic Flowsheeting Principles e-book.

Current Thermart Projects

  • FREED: No additional work planned.
  • THERBAL: Redesign for Excel 2007 and later; update user interface; simplify non-ideal solution models; allow user to set volume.
  • FlowBal: Update help text.
  • BurnerCalc: Integrate Multicalc and Multigoal; develop a version using AES units; Add AFT feature.
  • Outreach activity: Develop material for use in short courses, seminars, and webinars.