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BurnerCalc–Material and heat balance calculator for natural gas/air combustion


A dedicated combustion calculator that handles: Use of oxygen-enriched air. Variable air and gas temperatures and pressures. Dew point temperature of air. Element balance. SI units (pressure in kPa, volume in m3, amount in kg-mol, mass in kg, energy in kJ, and temperature in °C). [Also available

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Multicalc and Multigoal–Single and multivariable equation solving program for repetitive input values


These programs allow selection of a user-defined independent (MS) or a dependent variable (MG), and then will change the variable multiple times over a range. The results are presented as individual worksheets or as a scatterplot chart. Multicalc and Multigoal are available as a package for $20.

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Super Goal Seek and Super Solver–Single and multivariable equation solving program for repetitive input values


Excel’s Goal Seek is a single solving program that iterates one variable until another one reaches a target. SGS allows selection of a primary and secondary input variable for repetitive Goal Seek solves. Excel’s Solver program seeks a solution to multiple non-linear equations for which an input

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U-Converter–Units conversion program


U-Converter is a spreadsheet-based units conversion program. It handles over 900 different units in 70 categories. It converts values, and can display a conversion factor. U-Converter has conversion factors or conversion formulae for virtually every type of simple and complex unit. Select the unit from the worksheet,

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MMV-C–Stream unit conversion program


Programs like THERBAL, FlowBal, FactSage, and Metsim often produce results in inconvenient units (such as a volume unit for gas when mass is desired). MMV-C is an Excel add-in that converts these stream units from one set of units to another (SI to AES for example), and

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FlowBal–Flowsheet simulator for material and heat balances

FlowBal is a spreadsheet-based heat and material balance program that uses the FREED database. FlowBal calculates heat and material balances for steady state process flow. Process devices include reactors, mixers, splitters, and heat exchangers, with both bypass and recycle flow. Material balance equations are automatiocally written around

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THERBAL–Heat balance and equilibrium calculation program.


THERBAL is a spreadsheet-based equilibrium calculation program. It uses the FREED database, plus specialized databases derived from FREED. THERBAL allows repetitive calculations at variable temperature, pressure, and variable input of a substance. A built-in charting feature can generate a scatterplot of results. It also has a target

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FREED–Thermodynamic Database


The thermodynamic databases of the U. S. Bureau of Mines and the U. S. Geological Survey are national treasures. Heretofore, they have been available only in print form. Now, both databases have been combined into one, and configured to run inside the powerful Excel spreadsheet program. However,

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