Basic Flowsheeting Principles with Examples


Basic Flowsheeting Principles with Examples, 112 pages, Manual and Excel workbook. Eric Grimsey, Western Australia School of Mines. This is a how-to-do-it manual for the flowsheet modeler. Please order pdf version from Thermart. Price: $25 Click to download .pdf of … Continue reading

U-Converter–Units conversion program


U-Converter is a spreadsheet-based units conversion program. It handles over 900 different units in 70 categories. It converts values, and can display a conversion factor. U-Converter has conversion factors or conversion formulae for virtually every type of simple and complex … Continue reading

MMV-C–Stream unit conversion program


Programs like THERBAL, FlowBal, FactSage, and Metsim often produce results in inconvenient units (such as a volume unit for gas when mass is desired). MMV-C is an Excel add-in that converts these stream units from one set of units to … Continue reading

FREED–Thermodynamic Database


The thermodynamic databases of the U. S. Bureau of Mines and the U. S. Geological Survey are national treasures. Heretofore, they have been available only in print form. Now, both databases have been combined into one, and configured to run … Continue reading